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Diana Prince stood at the doorway of the fetish club and took it all in.  The place was enormous, and to the naked eye looked like a typical nightclub.  It had different levels and areas, a bar, a stage with two stripper poles and a large dance floor located at the center of it all with bright colored lights flashing this way and that.  Diana normally shied away from these kinds of places but tonight duty called.


And tonight things were definitely out of sorts.  She took in the clientele and it made her strong Amazonian stomach turn.  The large room was full of men and women dancing, drinking, kissing, talking and relaxing.  They all wore skin-tight rubber, leather, latex or PVC outfits in mostly black but a few other colors were thrown in here and there.  The sexual outfits were all glossy and shiny and when they caught the light Diana could see how it clung to their bodies like that of a second skin.  Her striking blue eyes behind prudish glasses darted from left to right and saw that long, dramatic heeled boots with sharp heels were the norm for the women as they thrust out their swaying asses and breasts as they strutted around to the sound of the hard, throbbing industrial music.  Diana gasped when she noticed that some of the patrons, both men and women alike, were being led around like pets.  Some on leashes and others being stroked like a cherished kitten.  The dominant looking fetishists reclined on cushioned couches and divans being attended to by those that served them who wore glossy slave collars.  Some rested their feet on the backs of their charges, while most were being fawned and fondled by those standing around them.


Diana’s conservative mind couldn’t believe what she was watching was real, and it made her stomach turn with disgust.  Out of the corner of her eye, Diana saw a figure approaching her.


“Well look who’s not in Kansas anymore.” Came the breathy voice of a young woman with a messy platinum blonde bob hairstyle.  She wore thigh-high black latex boots with seven-inch heels that increased her petite height, red latex hot pants and a black latex tube top that encased her straining large breasts.  The slutty girl wore a rubber collar around her neck to complete her fetishized look.


“Oh, you must mean how I’m dressed.  I do admit that I look out of place here.  I’m sorry but my car broke down, my cell died and I was hoping to use your phone to call Triple A.  But if there is going to be any trouble…” Diana lied, but was quickly cut off as the girl held a two-inch black fingernail up to Diana’s full lips.


“No trouble at all, sweetie.” The girl gasped, “Of course you can use our phone.  Let me take your coat and please wait right here.  I’ll be back shortly with our phone and a drink on the house.  I can tell you’ve had quite the night.”


Diana managed to work up some fake tears, smiled warmly and thanked the girl.  She was surprised at how welcoming the girl was, especially with how conservatively she was dressed.  A white belted sweater, black pants, a long designer trench-coat with her hair pulled tight into a bun and her conservative glasses that made up her disguise as the human Diana Prince was about as far from the sexually changed outfit of the girl and the patrons as she could have gotten.  It helped her blend into Men’s World, as opposed to the more daring look of her true identity of Diana of Themyscira, known throughout the world as Wonder Woman.


‘I’m going to have a word for Steve Trevor and his staff when I get back to the office tomorrow!’ Diana thought, as the full-figured girl stepped behind her and helped her out of the long coat.  Diana felt a twinge of anxiety pass through her when she could have sworn she felt the girl’s dainty hands brush over her backside.  The fact that a girl dressed in a latex fetish outfit would be overly familiar with a total stranger didn’t surprise Diana after she thought about it for a few seconds.  She must be a complete exhibitionist!


“Here, have a seat at our entrance.  I don’t think you’ll be bothered here and I’ll be back shortly.  What kind of drink do you want, Miss?” the girl asked.


“It’s Diana, and I’ll have a Chardonnay if you don’t mind.  A drink is exactly what I need right now.” Diana said, smiling warmly as she watched the girl nod her head and then strut away.  Her ass swayed dramatically to the music pumping throughout the club.


Diana sat with her arms folded in front of her and looked around for a short while.  She needed to check for security cameras, bouncers or if any of the patrons were looking at her.  When she realized her presence at the club was being completely ignored she stood up and started to study the interior of the club.  Diana saw a hostess station where she first walked in and began rummaging through some of the papers to see if anything felt out of place.  When that didn’t turn up any results, she turned to look at the club again.  She hoped to find anyone who looked like they were out of place or was guilty of shady behavior.


‘Good work, Diana,’ the tall Amazonian chided herself, ‘You’re the only one here who stands out like a sore thumb and by Hera, there is so much shady business going on in this club to send all of these people straight to Hades!’


As Diana walked closer to the short flight of stairs that would lead her to the main portion of the club, the platinum-haired girl stood watching her from across the club.  She tapped the small Bluetooth headset on her ear and spoke.


“Am I serving you well, my Rubber Queen?” She breathed wantonly into the phone, her eyes growing lidded with desire.


“You are doing so well, my sweet Haley.  Play along with Agent Diana Prince and soon she will be my slave just as you have become.  Pour the drug into her drink and you will start Diana on her path to serving me at my side.  You do this for your Rubber Queen and I can assure you will be rewarded, my darling.” The low, feminine voice of the Rubber Queen spoke into the headset and wrapped around Haley’s body like that of a skilled lover.  The girl closed her heavily painted eyes, tilted her head back and sighed as a trickle of her juices gushed from her shaved twat and got caught in her skintight short-shorts.


“Yesss, my Rubber Queen!  Your will be done.” Haley hissed as her head snapped forward and she focused her attention on Diana.  The bartender handed Haley a vile of clear liquid and she licked her lips slowly as she poured all of it into Diana’s glass of wine.


Diana knew that she had to stick out like a sore thumb in the fetish club, and that meant that she would have to work fast.  She needed to find some evidence that government secrets were being traded in this club.  She knew from the second she walked into the place that her conservative style of dress was not going to fly with the patrons and that it would only make her job that much harder.


From the entrance Diana looked into the club and surveyed the scene before her.  She couldn’t believe the bad information she had been given by the supposed elite government agency she worked for.  They had told her this was just your common, every day nightclub.  Had she been dressed for a fetish club she could have blended in much better, but in the meantime she would just have to observe things from afar.


Things went on in the club much the same as they did when Haley first left her.  The patrons danced, drank and some were engaged in more sexual activities in the dark corners of the club.  Diana turned her noses up at the mere sight of the rubber-bound patrons, but duty did call and she would just have to put up with it.  Her attention shifted from the corners of the bar where the lewd escapades were going on and back to the bar.  That was when she thought she caught sight of a familiar face.  She had never met the short man but she did recognize him from the agency.  Well, he never wore rubber pants at work but Diana knew at this fetish club she was as far away from the regimented life the agency offered as she could be.  If memory served Diana he was a pencil pusher, someone who specialized in ciphering through information and had never seen a second of field-work.  Could this be the mole in their operation?


She kept watching the man who despite his rubber-clad appearance seemed uncomfortable and out of place in the club.  He kept tugging at the tight pants, as well as fidgeting whenever a man or a woman would brush past him.  Diana thought this was odd, but was soon interrupted when she felt the hand tap her on her shoulder.  She spun around, flustered at being caught starring into the main portion of the club, and looked down as Haley looked her over.


“I knew that curiosity would get the better of you!” Haley murmured, handing the glass of wine to Diana, “Here, considered it on the house.”


“Thank you!” Diana smiled, taking a drink from the glass.


She looked back at the bar and saw that her potential mole had vanished.  There was a twinge of disappointment at this, but it was cut short when she felt her entire head buzz as if electricity were being sent through her body.


“Are you alright, Miss?” Haley asked, with a knowing glare.  The look on her face had shifted from cheery and welcoming to conniving and sinister.  She stepped closer to Diana and took the taller woman’s hand with the wine in it.  “Perhaps more wine will clear that head of yours.”


“Mmmm, my name is Diana,” The tall Amazon groaned, complying with the latex-clad girl and raised the glass to her lips and took a long drink.  The buzzing in her head continued but she was beginning to feel so much more relaxed.  This did nothing for her balance as she almost fell over, but caught herself at the last minute.  “Oh, Hera!  That wine is so good!”


Haley chose to ignore that Hera remark and continued, playing along with the drugged woman, “And the phone you requested, Diana.”


“Phone?  What on earth would I need a phone for?” Diana asked, her cover story had quickly been erased from her mind.  Subconsciously, Diana began to gyrate her hips to the hard, throbbing music.


“It must be my mistake.  How silly of me.” Haley cooed, seeing Diana’s eyes turn glassy and her body start to respond to the loud music.  The tall raven-haired woman couldn’t help but turn her head to the dance floor.  Haley’s thickly painted lips curled into a knowing smile.  She was well aware how the drugs were having the desired effect on Diana’s resistance, sapping it away into nothing.


“I see you seem distracted by our dance floor,” Haley purred, slipping her arm around Diana’s waist and pulling the tall woman close.  Diana kept looking at the dance floor with a new sense of longing in her gorgeous blue eyes and nodded slowly.  Haley smiled at this and continued, “It’s just a shame you’re dressed like a spinster coming out of Sunday mass.  Or else you could go out there and join in the fun.  If only you fit in here, Diana.  If only you were like the rest of us.”


“Fit in here,” Diana sighed, now fully enraptured by the patrons on the dance floor whose clothes clung to them like a second skin.  Her pussy had began to beat in time with the music, “Be like you…”


“Oh, Diana you poor thing.  If only you were dressed from head to toe in shiny, sleek, skintight rubber.  What can we do?” Haley sing-songed, tapping her front teeth with a long black fingernail and looked like she was in deep thought.  Her hands then slipped down to grip Diana’s firm round ass and they continued to rise up the tall woman’s body until they were firmly cupping the tall raven-haired beauty’s large breasts.  A wanton moan escaped Diana’s lips as she gyrated her hips back into Haley’s latex-ceiled pussy.  Haley grinned at this, knowing full well that she could get Diana to do anything at that moment.


“You know, Diana,” Haley purred, now dancing lewdly with Diana at the front of the club, “If you were nude, I’m sure you could fit right in.  It might be a bit of stretch for some of our more hard-lined enthusiasts, but with a little coaxing, they may accept you.  You would like, that wouldn’t you, Diana?  To fit in?”


Diana spun around and looked down at Haley with pleading eyes.  She took a short glance over to the dance floor and nodded her head yes.  It then occurred to her what she was agreeing to, as her strong Amazonian will came back to her.  Diana knew she had lost control of herself, and even as Haley, still locking eyes with her, helped her to ease her top off, the Amazon knew that there was no fighting what had been done to her.  As her confining sweater came off and Haley tossed it off to the side, Diana sighed contently.  Her fears and anxieties about this fetish club were being erased and an odd, sleepy smile spread over her lips.


“There, isn’t that better?” Haley asked, drawing Diana’s attention back to her.  Her beautiful blue eyes drew to a close and her sleepy smile grew into a blissful grin.


“Yes, Haley.  So much better!” Diana cooed, turning around to face the dance floor again.  It was as if Diana had given Haley silent permission to unclasp her restrictive bra, hoping to free her heaving breasts.


Haley took the hint and ran her hands up the sides of Diana’s toned torso up to her breasts, and cupped the ripe melons with her long-nailed hands.  “You like this, Diana.  My touch.  The feeling of a woman’s touch.  It gets you off!”  Haley purred, leaning into Diana’s ear and gave it a soft bite, followed by a few tender kisses down nape of the raven-haired woman’s neck.  Diana leaned back into the shorter woman, electrical impulses being sent up her spine and she moaned wantonly.  Finally to Diana’s perverse enjoyment, Haley unhooked her bra and her ample tits spilled out for anyone to see.  Her nipples were rock hard, as Haley couldn’t help but reach from behind her and tweak them with her skilled fingers.


Diana’s entire body shivered.  Even in the secluded entrance of the club, she could tell eyes were on her and it made her incredibly aroused with desire.  The tall Amazon could feel her former moral reservations and inhibitions leaving her as her body tingles and she lost herself to Haley’s touch and the throbbing music of the club.  Her head rolled back and she bit her bottom lip when she could feel Haley’s eager hands tug at her tight pants, first removing her belt and then undoing the button that held the pants together and finally easing them down her shapely, voluptuous hips.  The latex-clad girl had trouble getting the pants past Diana’s stylish yet sensible boots but the tall Amazon wiggled her way out of them at last and finally stood there in just her conservative cotton panties and ankle-length boots.


Haley stood up and circled Diana.  She noticed right away how soaked the front of Diana’s pants were and she could even smell the arousal wafting in the air.


“Hmmm…we are excited, aren’t we Diana?” Haley asked, feigning innocence, as she traced a finger from Diana’s impressive cleavage, down her toned abs and finally to Diana’s pussy.  Diana quivered with arousal and almost drove Diana over the edge when she began to lightly rub the wet thin fabric that separated Diana’s pussy from the rest of the world.


“Now, you can keep the boots on, Diana….” Haley cooed, a look of sinister excitement flashing in her heavily made up eyes as she brought her hands to sides of Diana’s panties.  The Amazonian heroine whined in defeat at Haley no longer rubbing her pussy, but was eager for what was to come next.  The formerly self-assured agent now held onto Haley’s every word, and her full lips quivered with what was going to come next.  Finally, Haley broke her brief silence, which had felt like an eternity to Diana, “But these are definitely going to have to go.”


“UGHHHHH!” Diana’s moan blended in with the driving sound system of the club, as she whipped her head back and flung her arms in the air.  Haley had tore Diana’s underwear off, leaving her naked save for her boots.  Diana opened her wild, excited eyes and looked down at Haley.  Abandoning any inhibitions that may have still existed, Diana shot her hand behind Haley’s head aggressively and pulled in her close, their lips and tongues sealed in a steamy, melting kiss.


Diana’s knees nearly buckled as Haley’s tongue continued to massage her tongue with her own.  The shorter girl reached up and kneaded Diana’s impressive breasts with her dainty hands, leaving red marks behind as she dug her finely manicured nails into the raven-haired heroine’s naked flesh.  Diana’s striking blue eyes shot wide open and she moaned into the kiss, her pussy gushing like a faucet.


And then it all stopped when Haley broke the kiss and took a short step away.  It left Diana feeling incredibly empty and alone.  A pathetic whimper escaped her lips.


“Don’t worry, Diana.” Haley purred, caressing the side of Diana’s face, which the Amazonian woman leaned into and accepted wholeheartedly.  Haley’s dark painted lips parted in a devious smile.  She could see clearly that this normally valiant and prudish woman had lost total control and literally craved her touch.  Haley’s hand slowly crept down from Diana’s face, past her heaving naked tits and down to her hand.


“Come.  It’s time to introduce you to the other members of this club.” Haley commanded.


“Haley?  This is so wrong…” Diana whispered.  There was a spark of resistance in Diana as she opened her lidded eyes and looked to the dance floor.  Making out naked with her new latex-clad lover was one thing, but being surrounded by a dance floor full of rubber and latex-clad strangers was completely different.  Haley noticed the flicker of awareness in Diana’s eyes and continued her seduction.


“Who says what is right or wrong, Diana?  The only thing that matters is pleasure.  The feeling of lover’s touch?  You cannot honestly tell me that this doesn’t feel right?”  Haley cooed, as her hand fell to Diana’s pussy and gently fingered it.  This made Diana go wild with pleasure as animalistic groans escaped her lips.  Unable to control herself, Diana began to hump back at Haley’s skilled fingers.


“That’s a good girl, Diana.  Embrace the feeling.  Embrace the pleasure I am giving you.  I can offer you more of this, Diana.  Would you like that?” Haley purred, her hand now soaked with the taller woman’s pussy juice.


“Yesssss!” Diana hissed, her eyes closed and head titled back.


“Come to dance floor and you will experience this and so much more!” Haley said, turning sharply on her long, spiked heels and wiggled over to the dance floor.


Diana’s eyes again snapped open, and she again felt sad and empty.  She had never felt such loss in her life.  Sure she had seen loved ones leave or die in her time as a government agent and even with her secret identity as the Amazonian heroine, Wonder Woman, but she had never felt a loss so personal that it went to her body’s very core.  She watched as Haley beckoned her with her finger.  Like an entranced cobra, Diana couldn’t help herself and she walked over to Haley.


“Very good, Diana.  Don’t be nervous.  Just lose yourself to the music and the hot steamy pleasure you will experience.  If you do that, everyone will love you!” Haley said, her hips pulsating with the music.  Just then, a thought popped into her head.


“Diana, let your hair down.  You look like a fucking librarian with your hair in their bun.”


“Yes, Haley.” Diana moaned, scrambling quickly to undo her finely pulled-back hair.  She ran her hands through her thick mane of black hair and looked down at Haley for approval.  Haley couldn’t help but shriek in excitement at Diana’s response to her command.  She had the government agent wrapped around her little finger, and it made her pussy gush like a faucet.


Haley composed herself and nodded her approval at Diana.  The Amazon breathed a sigh of relief that she had pleased Haley and slowly reached her hand out to the shorter girl.  She looked down and began to slowly mimic Haley’s movements, and was soon pulled into the crowded throng of dancers by latex-clad harlot.  Even in her own clouded, pleasure-filled mind Diana was surprised she didn’t resist.


Diana looked around the crowded dance floor through nervous eyes and gulped slowly as a wave of nervous energy bubbled up within her.  She breathed in deeply and watched Haley shake and gyrate to the hard music pulsating throughout the club.  Her arms rose into the air and her tits shook to the bass of the driving rhythm.  Diana’s breath caught in her throat when Haley hefted her latex-covered tits and tweaked at her erect tits through the skintight unnatural fabric.


Haley’s dark, painted lips curled into a Cheshire grin as she noticed Diana’s eyes never left her shapely body.  Aroused anxiety was wafting off Diana, even as her naked body swayed slowly to the music.  Briefly the tall Amazon could hear Haley’s laughter before it was drowned out by the loud music.


Haley knew she had Diana enthralled, and decided to see how far she could push the poor, drug-addled mind of Diana Prince.  Her behavior was utterly shameless, as she danced from one rubber or leather-clad male dancer to another.  They freely ogled and fondled her firm tits and ran their hands along her shiny, latex-covered ass.  Haley knew she was a wanton slut that craved the attention of her fellow patrons, and above all else she wanted her thrall, the normally prudish government agent to know this and crave her young body.


Diana knew deep down that what Haley was doing was incredibly wrong.  At least that was what her stern Amazonian upbringing taught her.  But at the moment she didn’t care.  All she wanted to do was watch Haley as she paraded herself on the dance floor.  Her revelry was broken quickly, however, when she felt two smooth bodies rub against her from where she stood.  Diana glanced to her side and saw a pair of voluptuous, rubber-clad women writhe close to each other in an erotic embrace.  They fondled and licked at each others’ bodies as the shiny gloss of the catsuit was highlighted in the pulsing lights of the club.  Diana couldn’t help but stare openly at them, noticing oddly they both wore the same rubber collar as Haley.


Diana knew there was some connection between Haley and these rubber-clad sirens but her mind was too clouded to make sense of what was happening.  She was incredibly transfixed as she watched the lewd display, and her lidded blue eyes could have probably never left the exhibitionists until her attention was drawn away when Haley’s gloved hands cupped her huge naked tits, dragging Diana’s attention back to her new friend.  A soft moan escaped Diana’s lips as Haley greedily kneaded the raven-haired beauty’s ripe tits.


Haley wasn’t the only one who gave their attention to Diana as numerous hands caressed her skin and stroked her hair.  Her face softened from the look of obvious nervousness at her new surroundings to a dreamy look of contentment.  She didn’t pull away as she felt erections rub against her thighs while others caressed her breasts.  Hot tongues and mouths nuzzled against her neck.  Soon, tongues dove onto her face.  The patrons’ hot tongues ran across her cheeks while her nipples were squeezed and pulled.


"Don’t resist," Haley spoke softly into Diana’s ear as a shiver of pleasure ran up and down her spine.


Diana felt rubber-coated hands between her legs, fingering her pussy.  Although Diana was overwhelmed by the feelings coursing through her body, she did realize that the upper half of her body was being assaulted by warm mouths and tongues while the lower half was being touched by the smooth feel of heated rubber, leather, and spandex.  That was all she could differentiate as her body was quickly overheating.


"Don’t resist.  Just enjoy the pleasure," Haley whispered huskily into Diana’s ear.


Diana nodded and closed her eyes.  The feeling of rubber against her skin was fantastic as was the hot wet tongues and the cooling saliva left behind.  The occasional voices were drowned out by the music.  It didn’t matter since the body parts belonging to the voices were all that mattered to the Amazon at the moment.  Within a few minutes, Diana cooed softly before tossing her head back and uttering a loud moan that was lost in the thunderous music.


When Diana titled her head back down so she was looking straight ahead she was met by the most welcomed surprise as Haley had returned to her.  Diana couldn’t hide her surprise or elation that her new friend had abandoned the rubber-clad patrons for her and a wide, blissful smile overtook her once angst-ridden face.  The smile never left Diana’s face, even when Haley took a large cluster of her long hair and pulled the much taller woman down so her face was mere inches away from Haley’s mouth.  This caused Diana to bend awkwardly at the waist, and dozens of hands rubber and latex-clad hands shot out of nowhere.  The now familiar feeling of smooth hands began to roam all over her toned ass, thighs and lower back.  Diana writhed in delirious pleasure at the exquisite attention.  This only doubled when Haley slipped three fingers into Diana’s waiting, dripping pussy and began to slide then in and out.  Had the music not been so throbbing and loud the lucky club patrons could have heard the squishing sound of her soaking cunt that would have broadcast just how wet Diana was.


“You see, Diana.  You are accepted here.  Just feel all of our brothers and sisters in service to Her stroking and rubbing your soft skin.  These people are not to be judged, isn’t that right Diana?” Haley hissed, a predatory look on her face for the first time of the night.


“Yessssssss!” Diana moaned, closing her eyes and bucking her hips in time with the smooth hands caressing her backside while Haley’s skilled fingers pumped away at her sopping snatch.  Even in her delirium Diana felt a pang of shame at how she had judged these people when she had first entered the club.


“Tell me Diana how good it feels to be welcomed at the club?” Haley snarled, before licking Diana’s ear.  She could barely hear Diana’s desperate whimper of pleasure over the loud music.


“Oh, Great Hera!  It feels so good to be welcomed here, Haley!  I’m so sorry for being such a prudish bitch when I first came here!!!” Diana whined as loud as she could in the deafening room.


She could have sworn she heard a loud roar of approval from behind her as the hands were now much more hungry and demanding for her soft naked flesh.  They snaked out and caressed her tits and tweaked her nipples.  She could even feel a cock rubbing her naked asshole, which only drove her even wilder.  The small remaining part of her mind that had not been affected by the drugs running their sinful course through her system wondered what she must have looked like, but she didn’t care.  Like Haley said, all that mattered was the pleasure these generous people were giving her.


Haley pulled Diana’s head closer to her own, and doubled the piston-like penetration of her latex-covered hands.  Diana’s eyes nearly rolled back in her head at the sensation, and knew deep down that she was so close to cumming.  Her legs were getting weaker and weaker as pleasure flooded her already overwhelmed senses.  Her revelry was cut off as Haley called her name.


“Diana?  Diana, can you hear me?”


“Yessssss, Haley!” Diana whimpered.


“Good.  It is important you know that everything that has happened to you tonight is the responsibly of someone.  Someone that has welcomed you here with open arms.  Someone who can promise you that pleasure like this can be had every single moment of your life!  All you have to do is promise to meet her and allow her into your life.  Embrace everything she so desperately wants to teach you and I guarantee to you that nights like these never have to end!”  Haley purred, licking her painted lips as a wave of pleasure washed over her just thinking about the woman she served.


“Never have to end?” Diana moaned, now leaning against Haley.


“Yessss!” Haley murmured, “Just say you want to meet our Rubber Queen and your life will be like this forever!  Say yes to everything She offers you, Diana!”


Something inside Diana’s drug-addled mind snapped at this last comment.  For a brief moment, the small remaining pure-aspect of her mind told her to think of all of the responsibilities she has to remember.  Her duties as the heroine Wonder Woman, her secret identity as the government agent known as Diana Prince.  She thought of all the innocent people that needed her help.  But then she was brought back to the present and how she had never in her life felt anything like what was being done to her right now.  And that was when Haley clamped down on her soaking pussy with her hand as Diana’s body tensed and her world exploded.


“Oh…..Haley…….YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!” Diana shrieked as her entire body shook violently with a mind-numbing orgasm.


Her loud moans and groans, as well as the patrons’ roars of victory at having broken the government agent, blended in with the throbbing music.  Diana’s eyes for the final time that night rolled back in her head in pure, unadulterated pleasure and she succumbed to it.  Her tall body collapsed onto Haley, but strong sets of arms reached out and caught the tall, raven-haired woman before the short girl would have had to catch her.


Haley smiled at the rubber, leather and latex wearing patrons, especially the two hulking studs that held Diana in their muscular arms.  Haley brought her soaked hand, layered with Diana’s juices, to her mouth and sucked her digits clean, savoring the taste of the passed-out woman before her.  The music of the club came to a stop and all eyes were centered on the short girl, who everyone knew was one of the Rubber Queen’s favorite slaves.


“Take her as she is to our Rubber Queen’s lair.” Haley commanded, as a murmur of excitement rose within the club, “Diana here needs a whole new lease on life.”


The two men nodded to Haley and a loud cheer rose up within the fetish club as the men carried the worn-out Amazon to a back hallway like she was nothing.  Haley threw her hands up, which the DJ took as a silent command to start the music again.  As the fetish club’s patrons began to writhe and gyrate to the had, fast music they all knew that in a few day’s time a very different Diana Prince would emerge from the Rubber Queen’s lair.  One that would serve their perverse mistress above all else.

Wonder Woman: Reign of the Rubber Queen Chapter 1
Wonder Woman finds herself in the clutches of a fetish underground kingdom who worship a villainess called the Rubber Queen.  Can Wonder Woman escape before she serves perversely at the twisted royal's side?


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